Monday, February 7, 2011

I Breathe

Thy fishes breathe but where thy waters roll;
Thy birds fly but within thy airy sea;
My soul breathes only in thy infinite soul;
I breathe, I think, I love, I live but thee.
Oh breathe, oh think,-O Love, live into me;
Unworthy is my life till all divine,
Till thou see in me only what is thine.

- From the Diary of an Old Soul, George MacDonald (1880)

I am discovering the beautiful works of, and maybe a kindred spirit in, the Scottish author, poet and minister, George MacDonald.

I breathe, I think, I love, I live but thee.  I come face to face with this reality.  I find it at the end of me, there where there is nothing else -- no dependencies, no bowing to false religion, no chasing other lovers.

In the naked place I rest.  I reach.  I be -- all dependent on the All-Sufficient One.  I let go and see: Love lends a hand, makes a way, gives me breath again.

Can it be?  Here, now?  On earth as it is in heaven?  Can I live free of me?

Yes.  The answer is yes in Christ -- He who became sin for me.  He died self-less and sin-full, all dependent on Another to raise him.  The Seed of God was planted in the earth to die, to shatter sin's hard curse, to break through with Life.  The Son of Man was born again, is born me.

He rose, dead to sin and alive to God.  He rises yet again in me.  Love lives into me.

And I -- I breathe, I think, I love, I live but Thee.  

In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.  ~ Romans 6:11 (NIV)

Today I join Ann Voskamp and the community of ones who give thanks.  (Click button below to read other grace lists.)

201.  Life and breath and breathing Thee.
202.  Kindred friends who have gone before to love from the Cloud.
203.  And those whose love fills earth now, all spirit-birthed from the same Womb.

204. Yeshua, who calls me to follow, to know (yada) Where I am going, and from Where I come.
205.  Great grace, how sweet the sound.
206.  The singing of birds.
207.  The dying of seeds.
208.  For life ever blooming.
209.  Light shining through trees.
210.  And Love ever living into me.

holy experience

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  1. "... at the end of me."

    What a beautiful place to find the hand of Yeshua.

    Beautiful, Melissa. Your heart beats like His.

  2. This is so beautiful, Melissa. George MacDonald was one of C.S. Lewis's greatest inspirations. I just finished reading The Great Divorce not too long ago and in it, he has himself meet up with MacDonald in heaven. It is pretty cool.

    Beautiful blessings. The list goes on and on...

  3. This is so lovingly written Melissa. You write your heart.
    I discovered George MacDonald a couple of years ago too. It is a joy to find a writer who really speaks to our hearts isn't it?

  4. This takes my breath! The idea of tasting heaven on earth is real and something we don't often rush to. But once we start seeing those pinpoints through the sky, it's exhilerating.

  5. I love this poem by George MacDonald!
    I could read this over and over. perhaps I will until I know it by heart
    thank you for sharing this
    have a wonderful day!

  6. This is very, very beautiful and encouraging. It is possible because of this resurrection power.

    I love that you are loving George MacDonald, not only b/c I have Scottish roots, but b/c he is one of the very solid Greats that C.S. Lewis writes about in the Great Divorce.

    Yes, on the list...must read some! Thanks again friend, for this!

  7. "Can I live free of me?"

    "i be"

    Love this. Thanks for sharing your heart here!

  8. "In the naked place I rest. I reach. I be."


    "Can I live free of me?"

    I love these ideas. Thank you!

  9. I’ve been away – prepping for Blissdom, attending, and recovering from the blissdom plague – which is now teetering on pneumonia. I’ve missed your words.

    Like these – this is magical stuff Melissa. “The Seed of God was planted in the earth to die, to shatter sin's hard curse, to break through with Life”

    And my fave:
    204. Yeshua, who calls me to follow, to know (yada) Where I am going, and from Where I come.

    God Bless and Keep You and Yours

  10. Wow, that poem really got to me! I have called myself a poet, but now I'm not so sure I should do that.

    I see that you're a .... seer? Very cool! That's one of the gifts I chase after, but so far I'm just a fool for Christ.


  11. I love this post. I also feel a kindred spirit with George McDonald, diary of an old powerful!.. and C.S. much wisdom!

    "No dependencies, no bowing to false religion, NO CHASING OTHER LOVERS" !!!

    I'm reading and re-reading The Sacred Romance as well as waking the dead by John Eldredge ~ which says so much of this and more!

    "The Seed of God was planted in the earth to die, to shatter sin's hard curse, to break through with Life. The Son of Man was born again, is born me" YES!! !

    210~ "and love ever living into me"!

    Thank you for this post!

  12. This is so full of loveliness and grace. Beauty abounds through your words and in your heart.

    Miss you!

  13. such true thoughts...I'm learning much the same, albeit in perhaps different language...learning that He is my Provider no matter what, and, especially, when I am at the naked end.
    I've missed seeing your comments on my blog. I hope you are well...

  14. It's been too long since you posted. Your words are so true - so much of a blessing. I hope this means you're just busy - I hope all is well. Just want you to know I just finished praying for you - in whatever circumstance God is seeing you through. He does cup us all close. God Bless you Melissa.

  15. ok i'm double commenting to say 'miss you' you are well and living other places than here...hugs:)

  16. Just checking in on you! Miss your writing! Hope you are doing well, taking care of yourself and experiencing some sweet JESUS time!

  17. Just checking in - miss your words still - hope all is well. God bless.

  18. so, so glad I found your beautiful blog. How you bless us by using your gift!!!

  19. hi there...echoing the words of othes to say you are missed!

  20. I apologize for the silence, dear friends -- you who I love and bless. Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. They bring tears.

    I was thrown off course a bit, and have been listening, trying to find my way back. More than writing, I have missed the inspiration that comes from reading all your posts, each so uniquely beautiful and God-given.

    I pray for you, for all of us, for God's leading and provision, for the breakthrough that enables His heart to flow through our words. I pray for His favor to overwhelm you and your readers with joy and peace.

    God's peace and blessings always.

  21. well, I'm trying to find a way to email you directly, but I'm not finding it! So good to hear from you again on my blog...hope to hear more about you on yours!


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