Sunday, November 7, 2010

Holy Communion

Isle of Skye by Andy Ilachinski

Holy Communion
by Melissa Campbell

I behold your beauty,
as sun rises gasping for breath
in fascination
and wide-eyed wonder,
all captivated by your charms.

I stand in the chaos
of one thousand symphonies crashing hard
while your waves wash over
a hallowed crescendo,
and my soul burns.

I drink deep,
our Holy Communion catching stars,
as your light implodes
in the hidden dark of me,
and I thank God for thirst. 

I ride the wind,
in spirit bliss, flashing diamonds,
out where the ocean dips
and blue skies kiss,
and I yearn for more.

This poem is part of the Random Act of Poetry hosted by The High Calling.

Be sure to stop by One Stop Poetry and meet the artist who inspired my lines.

Photo Credit:  Andy Ilachinski.  Used by permission for One Shoot Sunday.


  1. really some wonderful imagery here...holy communion catches stars...1000 symphonies....very nice.

  2. Amazing imagery of your words so enhances this fabulous photo by Andy. Thank you for sharing this today.

  3. thousand have written a passionate piece here..full of yearning for this holy unity..beautiful!

  4. Nicely structured so the verse seems like breaking waves. Evocative images and rhythm work well together. Enjoyed it. And thanks for stopping by my place.

  5. Lovely imagery, quite unique; the tidbits of religious flow to it are most intriguing, and the whole piece comes across as very hallow, very personal, well-written.

  6. Great imagery and unique thinking. I like this very much waiting for the Dawn. Thanks for sharing

  7. The first sentence drew me right into the poem, so lovely.

  8. I too was drawn in by the first sentence and then entranced by your imagery -- beautiful.

    And thanks so much for dropping by my place too!


  9. very well crafted ....with some wonderfully written lines...cheers and well done...great poem...pete

  10. Great poem and enjoying reading the comments of the parts readers enjoyed. For me the lines "I stand in the chaos of one thousand symphonies crashing hard" wow!

  11. I like the rhyme of bliss, dips, and kiss in the last stanza.

  12. I like the idea of catching stars with Holy Communion.

  13. Love that line " and I thank God for thirst"...Yes, the beauty of His refreshing water is true communion for the soul....bkm

  14. Thank you all, for reading my prose and sharing gracious thoughts this peaceful Sunday. Blessings, Melissa

  15. Our holy communion catching stars. That was my favorite part. (No fair that Marcus said it first :)


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