Friday, November 26, 2010

The Dawning

All the windows of my heart I open to the day.

- John Greenleaf Whittier

Remembering the betrothal...

We shared wine, and you said yes.  I promised forever over a glass of rich red.  Later I dreamed you dancing while I drank the dregs of another cup alone, and settled the price of your purchase, extravagantly.

It seems like ages since I first beheld love twirling in your eyes. You were young and sweet like Abba's grapes still ripe on the vine.  You had no idea what it meant to be a bride.

When we kissed good-bye, you cried, not understanding the consecration. I tattooed the letters of your name over my heart, and with a finger drew a crown on yours.  I gave you my word I would return for you soon.

Now I stand below your window listening to the rush of your gown and girlish laughter, and I must confess I have been crazy counting the minutes until I can make you mine.

I did not abandon you as some have said, but went away to build us a home with lots of rooms next to the river, at the foot of the vineyard Abba gave us.  And while I worked late you grew weary and slept.
Watching through the glass...
But I am here now, waiting quiet, knowing full the pain of walking lonely, and remembering all the times I wanted to kiss away the wounds that came from the hands of your friends.

There were nights I came and stood with the stars, faces turned to your window parched, watching you drench the dark with fragrant oil, a mix of tears and love songs, and I was overcome with love for you.

Now a candle flickers from the sill, casting light shadows across your face.  I linger long, hoping to catch a glimpse of fire dance in those sapphire depths. Your eyes pierce my heart with eternity.

I have been faithful like this garden oak, roots gone down deep, leafy green a canopy of shade, and branches reaching high above the panes, watching dawn awake in the heights and depths of all your mystery.

Darling, I see clear through the glass how the years have matured you, your beauty full-bodied and complex like a rare vintage, and my lungs ache for breathing the headiness of your perfume.

Your light shines lovely from behind the veil, like a city on a hill, radiant, longing to know as you are known the secrets of glory, and captivating me speechless with all your charms.

Surely you knew I was coming.  Even as you slept I felt your heart hold mine.  Now I see you making yourself ready and I can't stop this emotion from running wet across my cheeks.

Beloved, our wedding day dawns...

I shout your name and taste it sweet as it rolls smooth over my tongue.  Again, I am undone as I watch you rise and rush the window like the sun, in a whirl of white linen and pearls.

You bend far to kiss me complete with the light of your eyes and I can't drink you fast enough. With carpenter hands, scarred and rough, I hold the silky smooth of yours, and thank God for the gift of covenant.
We soak long in ancient blessing.  My heart spills holy as I watch you inhale and put your lips to our wedding cup, then drink deep and savor the fruit of our own vineyard.  I kiss the wine from your lips and hear Abba say he is pleased to introduce you as my bride.
Kallah,  do you know how perfectly you complete me?  Your smile pure erupts and lights the room. Everyone claps when I splinter the glass, and we make love with our laughter as I carry you across the rose petal sky. 

Ah, Love, you will drink deep from this cup of joy again and again as we open our windows to a never-ending day of celebration.

Listen, the sound of angels singing. The fig has formed its early fruit.  Doves coo and almonds bloom and yes, winter has finally passed.  And you rest here in my arms, content at last.
For those who mourn:   Though it is dark, you must look to the day.  For even now the sun rises and the dawn wakes gloriously.

The Dawning:  Over a week ago I was watching the sunrise, and I heard the Spirit say, "It is time."  I watched the beauty of light and color rise up ahead of the sun, and I knew God was speaking about His glory rising on the Bride of Christ (Isaiah 60.)  We are seeing this happen now.  Many people I have spoken to have been led into a type of seclusion with God in the last year.  He is drawing our hearts to intimacy with His.  My writing is inspired from His word and His heart.

Kallah--similar to Kayla, the name of my oldest daughter, which also means pure--is the Hebrew word for bride.  I have always believed our names are God-given, and I come undone thinking that 26 years ago I chose a name for my first-born to declare God's glory in the earth today.

The Spirit and the Bride say Come!

May blessings abound as the Son rises upon you.

I am thrilled to introduce Adrienne Berry of Ruined from the Ordinary who was inspired from this post to paint a beautiful image of The Bride entitled, The Vineyard.  Please visit her site (click on the links) to see her painting and other beautiful works of bridal glory.  You will be blessed by the experience! 

Photo Credit: flickr - quacktaculous


  1. I type with tears in my eyes...this is so beautiful and so perfect for this very moment in my life...thank you:)

  2. Bless you David. Oh how He loves you!

  3. holy smokes! what can I say?
    such a pleasure to read
    such a pleasure to be following you
    thank you

  4. I started reading, and I couldn't stop. You are amazing, and I'm glad I stumbled into these words...

  5. I came over here to thank you for taking the time to read my blog and for the sweet comment you left, and ended up captivated by your words. I am so thankful to have found your blog. What an amazing picture you have created here!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  6. Melissa

    This was so layered,
    so mystically ravishing,
    I had to read it four times to take it in - and I still don't think I have it all.

    “the price of his purchase” – agonizingly, bitterly sweet and precious

    “a crown” on a name – God’s hand is personal – his unique touch on every child

    and the bride and groom – Solomon was inspired – your words are chaste and honest art

    I have been blessed by the reading.

    Thank you.

  7. Melissa,

    Thank you so much for your kind, sweet and encouraging words on my blog concerning my paintings. I'm truly, deeply touched as I have been locked away painting this whole year in my basement, 2 paintings a week. Wondering if what I had to offer would mean anything to anyone. I'm weeping as I type as I came to visit your blog and just read this post. Did you write this? I'm touched deeply and shaken to the core by these words. These words have inspired a painting, may I use them? Yes...Come Lord, Come!!

  8. Thank you everyone. It is my hope that the Bride catches a glimpse of her Groom and in His eyes, sees the image of who she was created to be. Everyone of us can bring Him glory just by yielding to His love and being ourselves. If you look around you will see her/His beauty rising.

    @Adrienne: I penned these words from a place of worship--I don't own them, but they carry a part of me. I am glad they have inspired you. That's what we are meant to do in the body--encourage and bring out the essence of God in each other. I would love to see your painting when you finish! Blessings.

  9. The day of his arrival is soon. We have all forgotten the cries of "Get ready"

    We have not prepared. We have forgotten the promise.

    What a well-written, poignant reminder.

  10. This is an absolutely beautiful piece! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and heart with us!

  11. Very paint a story so well. I see the Song of Solomon so much clearer now and in such a new way. Truely blessed by your story telling.
    PS I was blown away when you said your oldest is is 26...your profile photo says to my eyes a different story. Well God is indeed good.

  12. Melissa
    I'm featuring this post on Dec 2 at High Calling Blogs, "Around the Network" as one of our ten best posts for the month. Also linking to it from my blog. Congrats! A great piece that moved me!

  13. Melissa, what an amazing post. I am so glad that David featured it. It made my heart jump to my throat and tears spring to my eyes. Holding onto His promise...

  14. I love the sensuous arousal and longing for union and intimacy beloved to beloved. We are The Bride and can revel in it. You spoke it eloquently.

  15. Hi Melissa,
    I wandered over from David's post at High Calling. This was simply stunning. As I read your lovely words, I kept thinking to myself, "Can it be? Can it really be that this is how He sees me?" So beautiful. So humbling.

  16. Melissa, it's not often that I get goosegumps reading a blog post, but you just made it happen. I love this piece, and I can see and hear and feel and taste and smell all of it. Wonderful poetry.


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