Saturday, December 8, 2012

Walk in Light - Part 1, Days of Light

Walk in Light
by Melissa Campbell

We were born to walk in light,

to breathe God-whispers,

to cherish child-like in His sight.

We were created to carry the heavens,

to prophesy life words, color and song,

to  reign in the kingdom while stewarding the earth.

We were designed to overcome darkness,

to be the balm that heals the hurts of thousands,

to give the thirsty a drink of  hope.

We were fashioned by the hands of a Dreamer,

to dream His dreams and flesh them out,

to inspire the world to do the same.

We were spoken spirit, each given unique,

to live and laugh and love extravagantly--like He does,

to lay our lives before Him--glory!

We were born to walk in light.

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life. ~ John 8:12 (NKJV )

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Today is Day 1 in the Days of Light series. Please join me for the next 7 days as I continue to light a candle in words to highlight the Coming of our Lord as celebrated by some in Advent and The Festival of Lights. 

Photo Credit: flickr - Geir Yngve Tro


  1. Mellisa
    What can I say...your word imagery is breathtaking. I gasped as I read this.
    Love the photo that you placed with this.
    Thank you for blessing me today

  2. Like a cup of hot coco Melissa

    And to think I never liked poetry. Things have changed.

    My favorite lines:

    “to breathe God-whispers”, ( I love doing that)
    “We were designed to overcome darkness,” (oh how I forget we are part of the fight)
    “We were born to walk in light.” (the contrast, the John contrast, beautiful then, and now)

    Blessed to have been here

  3. The image and words are breath taking.

  4. i love ...we were created to carry the heavens..

  5. Beautiful words, "to be the balm that heals the hurts of thousands". :o)

  6. This blog has fast become a fav of mine. Such a true blessing. Can I ask you to pray for me? Without going into detail, the past three yrs have rocked me to my core, Im not sure I can come back. Prayer would be greatly welcomed :)

  7. This was truly beautiful and 'sung' to me...I absolutely loved it...thank you! I think we are kindreds in so many ways...glad to have found you!


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