Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Step Away

One Step Away

Be still and know I am God, Child.
Be still and know I Am.
Be still and know, Child. 
I Am.  One step away.
Be still, Child, be still.
Just be.
Because Be comes first, and,
Be gives birth to
Believe.   Behold.   Become, Child.
Be as in Beloved.
Be still and be loved, Child.
Be loved.
Be loved because I am Love, Child.
Be loved and love.
Be loved and love because I Am.
Only one step away.

I was inspired to capture these words after listening to Jason Upton share last night at The Father's House in Rochester, NY.  I am not sure if the evening was taped, but I'm hoping it will be posted eventually on The Father's House video page.
You can listen to Jason's song, "One Step Away," when you visit
I'm spilling these crumbs with Emily and friends today at Imperfect Prose.  Please join us--just one click away!  You will be blessed.  I promise.

Photo Courtesy:  flickr - Audrey


  1. your beautiful words...stilled me
    thanks for the reminder

  2. Wow! Simple but profound. This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  3. thanks friend, i needed this tonight...struggling to breathe...hugs:)

  4. This is beautiful and so meaningful to me. My word for this years is "quiet." I am intentionally trying to be still and draw close to Him. This is why.

  5. Beautiful--the repetition and the order of the words honed in on my heart and soul--thank you for this timeless message.

  6. BE

    oh melissa....

    why is this so hard, sometimes? just to be?

    i needed this. what a beautiful poem. what an apt reminder. ((thank you, friend))


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