Friday, April 1, 2011

Show Me Your Face

There exists a mystery in the world, and in all the looks of it-a mystery because of a meaning. There is a jubilance in every sunrise, a sober sadness in every sunset. There is a whispering of strange secrets in the wind of the twilight, and an unknown bliss in the song of the lark.

All nature, from the mountains to the sea to the fog that hangs so low on the hills, the heather in August, the hot, the cold, the rain - everything speaks, like the flower, messages from God, the Father of the universe.  The beautiful things around us are the expressions of God’s face, or as in Faust, the garment whereby we see the deity. 
~ Excerpts from "Discovering the Character of God"  by George MacDonald

Perilous days surround us.  Fear crouches low at the door of our hearts and minds, convulsing with its ache to pummel cruelty, smash us mercilessly to the floor.  Do we yield, frightened, to the roar of raging storms?  Do we cower,  frozen silent, and our faith lukewarm?
The earth groans.  Nations shake.  Kings and kingdoms break like cracks in the dirt, topple, tumble helpless into the jowls of history.  While chaos abounds, media seduces, entices, entertains, and the worlds sings us to sleep with lullaby's of vain imagination and false religion.  Is there faith to be found in the earth?  Is there peace?
In the midst of darkness a voice: like the sound of many waters, she cries for mercy.  The bride weeps with her groom.  She sees with clarity and compassion a world gone crazy, flailing wild in grief and anger, suffering need.  She bleeds as He does, convinced of this: only love can heal the pain.
And she knows: the mercy she gives will be the same mercy given in her time of need. The world may not deserve it.  But neither did she.
She presses on, soars higher, looks beyond the heavy loom of storm clouds hovering ominous.  Bold faith stretches long, batters the night with day.  Light breaks -- she focuses her gaze on the Son.  Strength rises.  Hope dawns.  Healing comes like the rain.  
Listen.  Hear the whisper of breath from another realm, so close it dances delight on the hearts of all who have tasted and seen: He is good! 
We are invited.  We have been shown the way, given white to wear on that great Wedding Day.  We, who can no longer remain earth-bound, must lead on, militantly in love.
Held fast by the Lamb, our lamps burning bright, we lean into the winds, yearning for our heavenly home.  We soar higher, bow lower, pick up our crosses and follow.  Pick up our neighbors and carry them if necessary, love them along the way.
In doing this, we touch the face of God.
Show me Your face, Lord.  Show me Your face.  Then gird up my legs that I might stand in this Holy Place.  Show me your face, Lord, your power and grace.  I [will] make it through the end if I [can] just see your face.
~ lyrics from Show Me Your Face by Don Potter

Photo Credit:  flickr - Jeffrey Pott


  1. And so it's a tough day, from a tough month, from a challenging year - from a decade, from a lifetime...

    SO I want a little wisdom to light a path - and I come here figuring that somewhere in yuour words I'd find a message.

    I always do.

    and I got what I wanted. Thank you friend.

    "Held fast by the Lamb, our lamps burning bright, we lean into the winds, yearning for our heavenly home. We soar higher, bow lower, pick up our crosses and follow."

    oh - and I wrote another poem - interestingly enough about the Lamb:)

    God Bless

  2. The blog is very good!

  3. P.S. I also quoted this on a post last week - so thank you my friend. Thank you. God bless. I heart your words. And I wrote another poem on top of the lamb one - As a writer, I'm growing up to be like you!! ƪ(◠‿◠)╯


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