Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have You Never Been Mellow?

Two dear friends--one comfortable at the wheel of her husband's Suburban and another craning a neck around the leather of my seat--and me, the three of us were flying high as we rode along a beautiful stretch of Central Pennsylvanian highway, I-99 from Bedford, rolling green in early Spring and sprinkled with wildflowers.

We had spent four days soaking Spirit at Voice of the Prophets conference in Camp Hill, and now spilled joy like the hills breaking into bud around us.

Invigorated with the things God had been saying, and amazed by all the ways He was saying them, we decided to listen to Larry's Randolph's CD, Spirit Talk.  My friend in the back began to rummage through our bags to find it.

Sunbeams broke from the open sky above, danced across our laps and bounced from our shades, warming our words--we were deep in conversation.  How do we find more time to spend with Him?

Suddenly a fourth person was in our midst, singing out LOUD!

There was a time when I was in a hurry. I was like you.

Olivia Newton-John, with a voice as smooth and sweet as honey, belted out long-ago lyrics very familiar to me.  (Before American Idol, she was mine.)

We all jumped, startled, and looked at each other through our shades in shock

"Did you turn the radio on?"  My friend asked as she reached down and clicked it off again.

"Not me."  I was mystified. 

"Hmm.  That was strange."  We all agreed, and went back to talking, my friend from the backseat struggling to peel shrink-wrap from Larry's CD.

We jumped again!

Have you never been mellow?  Have you ever tried to find a comfort from inside.


...happy just to hear your song.

The radio had turned itself on for the second time, and this time it really got our attention!  What was going on?

"Maybe we should listen.'s God."

We did.  And it was!

The lyrics hit the mark--perfect responses to the questions in our hearts.  Perfect peace and joy.  We laughed and sang along like teenagers.  He laughed too.  We could sense His humor.  And His care.  So much that He came to join us.

A fourth Friend in the Suburban, together spilling joy.

We marveled at his ingenuity: He spoke with a song--one written long ago, but now playing on the radio.  He turned the knob so we could hear, even through the static, His words:

Running around as you do with  your head up in the clouds, I was like you.

Now you're not hard to understand.  You need someone to take your hand.

Have you never been mellow?

We got the message.  Have you?

Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." (John 14:27, NIV)

In Christ we can all be mellow!

mel·low [mel-oh]  (from Unabridged v 1.1)

  1. soft, sweet, and full-flavored from ripeness, as fruit.
  2. well-matured, as wines.
  3. soft and rich, as sound, tones, color, or light.
  4. made gentle and compassionate by age or maturity; softened.
  5. friable or loamy, as soil.
  6. mildly and pleasantly intoxicated or high.
  7. pleasantly agreeable; free from tension, discord, etc.: a mellow neighborhood.
  8. affably relaxed; easygoing; genial: a mellow teacher who is very popular with her students.
9.  to make or become mellow.

10. Slang., a state, atmosphere, or mood of ease and gentle relaxation.

11. Mellow out, Slang.
      a.  to become detached from worry, strife, stress, etc.; relax: After final exams let's go down to the beach and mellow out.
      b.  to make more relaxed, agreeable, workable, etc.; soften or smooth: Chopin really mellows me out when I'm feeling tense.

 [Origin: 1400–50; late ME mel(o)we, alter. (perh. by dissimilation, in phrase meruw fruit) of ME meruw, OE meru soft]

Photo Credit:  Stephen Begin - flickr

Have You Ever Been Mellow lyrics by Olivia Newton-John


  1. I rememmber this song well. What a neat way for you (and those of us reading) to get reacquainted with it. Whatever means He chooses to speak, isn't it great that God chooses to speak to us? Thanks for sharing your story. Blessings!

  2. I read Larry Randolph's book "Spirit Talk" a couple of years ago. I can just imagine your ride!!!

  3. oh, Melissa, I had a long and torrid love affair with Olivia Newton John way back when. She was all Aussie and country and innocence and light and an angel's voice. And having that long personal history with "livvy" I have to tell you that it's have you "never" been mellow :-)

    This is a great story Melissa, I smiled all the way through it – I've experienced stuff like it – and of course I heart the way you wrote it. God bless you Melissa.

  4. Oh, Craig, you are right. Thank you for catching my oversight. I have been crazy busy getting ready for a graduation party. But no excuses.

    I'm not surprised we share a love for Livvy and her mellow sound. Thank you for stopping by and reading my hurried words. I love and appreciate your heart. Blessings!


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