Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Sky

Summer Sky, what's up with you?  You cast a spell with cerulean hue, suffuse the soul in firefly wonder, draw the gaze to aerie color, romance this woman-child to dream again. 
With breath-taking beauty you woo.  White clouds plume a never-ending blaze through warm shades of sangria.  Alizerin gem burns in the rise, and my eyes glisten with glory.  I catch my breath at you.
Even your twilight rubs golden the skin.  Two feet skirt shadows, tread lightly the damp--bare earth kissing earth.  Two hearts listen, bridge the gap, like heaven and earth--long to  converge, explode in renaissance.
And I collide with faith born of laughter, rush to dip the toes and go head first into streams unseen--the wild blue yonder.  Thoughts run there too.  Full stretch and bold beyond the burning dome, they rest and wait.
Symphony surrounds.  An epiphany in clouds.
And the wind slinks soft against my skin, arousing.  A songster's sweet warble--morning litany.  Lids close to soak the sun.  I breathe, feel the coming and going of substance unseen, unsung, hear silvery-green the rush of oak leaves, the rhythmic sway of ancient trees.

With ethereal delight I rest on wings, stretch and soar.  And oh, the rush of Spirit infusing spirit, lifting in the updraft with more than I could ever imagine, causing my breath to catch again in wonder.  Awe. 
Summer Sky, I am yours.
This dance of Deep touching deep underneath a canopy of color--this romance in the hidden places--transports me heavenward to where my Lover sits. 
Marigold sun warms the realm from which I come and I fly, earth-skin tattooed divine--His name written on heart and lips.  Listening, my head in the clouds, I hear His whisper:
I am Love, and you, My Love, are a Summer Sky.

In what way is God romancing you?
I'm sharing with Emily and friends my "Imperfect Prose."  Come join us?


Photo Credit:  flickr - leolintang


  1. I, too, rest on the wind and wait for wings

    oh melissa... this, and the "marigold sun" and everything in between, it's pure poetry, and it's so beautiful. thank you for sharing it with us, sister. xo

  2. Wow - this is gorgeous. I'm going to be looking up all day, now.

  3. This is just lovely Melissa. Such beautiful imagery. I felt transported too. There is such poetry all around us.

  4. i hardly have words after reading took them all! and i love, that in this, he is wooing you...
    it's been so long since i came here. glad i did today. hope you are well

  5. I was romanced by God because of your words. It is impossible for me to read something that you have written without smiling, and appreciating the artistry. From the first thing I read of yours almost a year ago until now – never once have you failed to inspire but the way your words flow – an epiphany of clouds. I heart that! I've been looking skyward a lot lately and noticing clouds – and the way you speak of the colors – and how the wind kisses you – I just collapse in awe every time I read you. God bless and keep you Melissa.


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