Monday, April 21, 2014

Coming Alive

Daffodils by Russell James Smith, flickr, CC BY 2.0

There couldn't have been a more beautiful day for Easter here in Western Pennsylvania.  There was no church service for us. No colored eggs, no dressing up to impress, no sermon or singing in the Sunday choir. Just a morning walk with hubby under the bluest of skies, surrounded not by walls of doctrine and the rules of tradition, but everything living and springing to life...

There was the joyful serenade of birdsong and a good soaking of sunshine, the happy greetings of pets and neighbors, the laughing (at ourselves) and loving and spending the day with family, sharing a meal, telling our stories, digging through treasure, unwrapping the gifts of each other, and falling asleep counting our blessings.

We are live our lives in freedom with joy and gratitude, to see God in the beauty and wonder of nature and each other, to love and be loved, to count it and us all as worthy (worth it!)

We are coming alive, and this is our "worship." ♡

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