Monday, September 13, 2010

God Speaks

God speaks, not from a distant planet or some far away galaxy, but from beyond the limits of time and eternity.  Amazingly, I hear Him now in my spirit, when I get quiet enough to listen.

His voice is but a whisper, a download of inspiration, often drowned out by the clamor of human reasoning, but always resurfacing as brilliant thought.  Words that carry life and creativity are never silenced.

With one taste of the Word of God I became addicted.  His taste is sweet to me.  Like an alcoholic with a bottle or a honey bee gorging on nectar, I can't seem to get enough of His life-giving Spirit.

His supply goes on endlessly.   His river runs through the heart of me.  To all who are thirsty He gives Himself away like a cold Coke on a hot day.  The more He pours out of me, the more He fills me up, until I can't drink another drop. I am satisfied in knowing Him.

My knowledge of God changes as His Spirit reveals Himself to me.  He cleans up my thinking, makes a mess of my theology, laughs at my ideology, won't be boxed in by my religiosity.   He shines His light in me, and becomes my identity.  His banner over me is love.

There is no doubt about it.  I was made to know God experientially, up close and personally, with in-your-face, spiritual intimacy.  The way was opened with the price Jesus paid for me.  And when I believed, I was born again supernaturally, to see with the eyes of a child, the truth of kingdom matters.

When I bow to worship, the King reveals His heart to me.  And like water gushing forth from under the threshold, His Word washes me clean, breaks me free of my carnality, lures me into unity, until I am no longer running after God, but sitting with Him on the Mercy Seat. He makes my heart His home.

Jesus said I carry Him within me, His Kingdom and authority, the power to make heaven a reality, the boldness to put my feet on the head of the enemy.  My heart burns to make His name renown.  I no longer try to get His attention, for we are both looking in one direction, joined together in intercession, in behalf of the needs that are not my own.

He so amazes me, this God of ancient history who surrounds Himself with mystery.  Like a cloud He hovers over me, plants His seed where Deep calls out to deep in me, then waits and watches for fruit to grow.

It's funny. The more I know Him--the more I lose myself in the depths of who He is--the more there is to know.  And just when I think I have given everything, He opens my eyes to see things I don't quite understand, things I have yet to be and places I have yet to go.

Papa never intended I have blind faith, but faith that sees and lays hold of that which is not yet seen, faith that pulls on eternity and brings it into today.  God's Word has the ability to change the world around me if I will but listen and agree.

Photo Credit: flickr - Christine Zenino

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