Thursday, September 23, 2010

Like the Rain - Part I

Deep calls to deep.  Somewhere in my sleep, I struggle to grasp the sound--whispered kisses just a moment ago, and the sweet, gentle nudge of a butterfly-thought touching down, before it flutters through my consciousness to disappear.
I drift dreamily on the memory, then suddenly wake with fear.  Have I missed an invitation?  Or was it just my imagination?  The sound of a distant storm perhaps?  My heart's desire sounding loud?

There, again!  I am more awake now.  Words dip down and skip across my soul, daring me to follow.  I hesitate.  Running won't do the trick.  It's my heart He is after.

In the thick of the fog He lingers, wooing me to draw close, to turn and get lost in the searing fire of his gaze.  I wait, contemplate, long to look into His eyes again, but only get as far as His Spirit within.

Startled, I jump at the crash.

Thunder explodes violently overhead, shaking the house like a pair of cymbals.  Then a torrent of raindrops slap hard against the window pane.  A storm it is, loud and angry now.  But instead of hiding away, or falling back to sleep, I lay there waiting.

I turn to the clock--it shows 4:44.  It's that time again, Lord.  Is there something You want to say?  You know I long for You, to hear the beat of your heart--to pray.

I think about the surging power of the storm outside, about the beauty and strength of The Lover.  Like a cloud His Spirit hovers.  I feel the heat of His burning.

Another flash of lightning.  Another thunder clapping sound.  Then I see what I missed before:  A narrow opening standing in the middle of the floor, so very fascinating.
Am I hallucinating?  I blink and look again, at what appears to be a door.  Electric waves of vibrant color pulsate with life...and something more.

A second invitation?

Afraid, I close my eyes, hold my breath and apologize for cowardice.  My heart beats loud.  Then I hear the words from a love song.  He is singing.

"It's just you and me here now.  It's only you and me here now."
My fear melts away,  as I rest in the knowledge of Him.

The door--Lord, is this You?  I think of John in Revelation 4:1 and 2, and his summons to go up higher, to walk in a new dimension where other lovers and prophets of old, like Enoch, Moses and John all went in the Spirit so freely.

I want to go there too.

With faith I step out, and find myself treading the waters of unbelief.  I strain my eyes to see the way, then a Beacon--a brilliant Light--breaks open the darkness.  Truth, like lightning, strikes all around me.  The Lover wraps around me like an ocean.

His Spirit carries me across.

What a mystery!  This God amazes me!  Who speaks in my ear continually of the love and desire He has for me, of how He counted the cost, and without a second thought, embraced the cross, gave up everything, to be with me now.

I am hidden in Him, no longer seen, but tucked here in His side where the narrow place opens wide.  I can see.
Papa bends low toward my thirsty cry, and Yeshua, moved by the glance of my eye, breaks open the heavens to pour The Spirit out.

Living water fills me up inside.

I lift my face to His and smell the scent of rain, from this secret place I shout His name, "Yah!", and hear the sound...

...of abundance.

Photo Credit: flickr - Jeff Hunter

Lyrics: Only You by The David Crowder Band

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