Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Song Bird

Photo:  flickr-Robert Neff, Fifth World Art, CC By 2.0

Song Bird
There is much to learn from a bird that sings.  With no thought to an audience, she lives to celebrate her song.  Her voice surrounds in the sweet serenade of sunsets; her praise, awakens the dawn. 

Every day dancing to the sway of earth's rhythms, she forages, mates and procreates.  An inner knowing guides her in the building of a nest.  In the watching over her young.  In  teaching ancient melodies that draw her family in.

And these fledglings, all too soon pushed from the nest, their tiny wings learn to rest on a substance sensed, not seen. 
Reaching for sky, they soar. Feathers mirror sunlight--all iridescence-- when they are caught up one by one into the wonder.
Even on those days when only God listens, the colors, the flight, the fledgling songs--every note--all resonate with the sound of His singing, inviting the earth to be one with Him... know the love of Him... find rest in His rhythms... celebrate the life we have been given... make our own music that wakes the dawn.


  1. Such beauty and truth in your words! I too want to be caught "into the wonder", awakening every dawn with the song God gives me. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for your heart-words, Angel. It's a journey we're all on together, this learning to sing our songs and soar. Blessings! <3


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