Thursday, July 18, 2013

Playing Dress Up

Photo: flickr-Some rights reserved by jenny818, CC BY 2.0
It can be fun to pretend we're someone else. But there is nothing better than TRUE SELF.
Behind all the make-believe lies a treasure waiting to be unearthed.  Buried deep, most have forgotten true identity.  Into the darkness Jesus comes to reveal what only the eyes of a child can see:

The "pearl of great price" is YOUR  authentic, beautiful self.  YOU are God's reality.
You are a daughter.  A son.  A forever free and full of light, formed in the image and likeness of your Creator "one."
You are "I Am."

Unique in your own, beautiful way, a living STONE, created to perfectly connect with every other in the Sustainer of ALL Humanity, you are equally loved, valued, celebrated and adored by the Father.

In this LOVE there is a way to be REAL, a way that originates and culminates in happily ever after.  Your story is His story.  Beginning and end, and all the chapters in between, have already been written on the pages of your heart by the Author who is Love.

Listen to your heart!  In the deepest darkness, God IS!  In he center of your being God dances and sings, and shines brilliantly with the revelation of YOU.

One need only get quiet and listen.  Open eyes to see.

Be willing to lose the layers, all the dress-up clothes that keep you hiding.

Let go of false reality, false identity, every lie, religion.

Stop hating and judging the one who God says is GOOD... the one that is wonderful You.

Hear and believe the truth for yourself.

ollow the Light into LOVE.  Behold LOVE...there in the center of you!

Be loved.

The world is (literally) dying to meet you, the real you, the beautiful, wonderful and amazing, all-set-free-by-Truth-in-LOVE you.

"Arise, shine, for your light has come!  And the glory of I AM rises upon you."  ~Isaiah 60:1

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