Monday, October 21, 2013

On a Light-Beam, Dancing

Love comes soft as a sunrise,  
Flings wide every window of blue sky, 
Spins gold like Autumn leaves dancing 
On a light-beam. 

Love shouts madly from mountain tops,  
Writes symphony with wind and raindrops,
Calls from the wing of the eagle soaring, 

Love proves relentless in the romance of wildflowers,
Declares holy intention over the twisting of vine,
Promises forever with every sunset blazing
the wonder of ecstasy.

 I was blind,  
Now I see. 
I was lost,
But Love has found and flung me
High into blue sky.

I am not afraid
To find myself
In Love with all humanity
Soaring with the eagle,
Singing with the wind,
Spinning gold like Autumn leaves on a light-beam,

Copyright © 2013 Melissa Campbell

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