Friday, November 15, 2013

Last Dance
Photo:  Autumn Leaves by  Mark Schellhase CC Attribution Share Alike 2.5 Generic


When the light of harvest begins to dim
Cornfields and wheat fields expose their skin
And every fruitful tree reaches high with grace
 Bare arms still warm with October

Blue dome bleeds gold and crimson
Burning bush shouts epiphany, of substance running hidden
Through veins now scandalous with Autumn's farewell
Every leaf flashes fiery color
Like confetti in twilight they scatter and spin
Twirl their skirts and whirl with the Wind
Then fall breathless--I like getting caught in their rain--not wanting
The last dance to be over

Creation smiles, eyes wide with wonder
When Autumn's foliage pools at her feet, covers the toes of this beholder
Tempting me child-like to twirl and leap, to follow as she returns
Life-spent to the One who made her

Copyright © 2013 Melissa Campbell


  1. Melissa, I am always enchanted by your words. Today, they have fallen my way, like that confetti of autumn leaves you so beautifully described, making my heart smile. Thank you!

  2. Heart smiles here too, Angel. Thanks so much for stopping to shine your light!


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