Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Colors of the King

The Colors of the King
by Melissa Campbell

Anoint us, Lord
Wave us to the nations
One flag of many flags
A people of liberation

Unite us to bring freedom
A remnant bride, your blood
We fly by the breath of your Spirit
Dance given to the song of love

Raise us up, a holy army
Hold us firm your banner high
A parade of earthly singers
Herald holy wings the sky

Assemble all our voices
While heaven keys a thousand tongues
And Spirit sounds the rush of waters
A splashng concert of daughters and sons

Dip us low to bind the broken
Spread us thick for eyes to see
With glory comes the dawning
Your sons will rise in majesty

And we will stand in awe of You
Our lips your praise we sing
A banner waves victorious
All the colors of the King

About ten years ago during intercession, I saw small pieces of fabric of different colors being stitched together into a quilt. When it was complete, the quilt was raised into the air and began to wave like a flag.  I saw how the vision represented our prayers for the nations as well as the nations coming together as one glorious company of saints being prepared as the Bride of Christ. Arise, shine, for your light has come. (Isaiah 60)


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Photo Credit: flickr - Jared Tarbell


  1. beautiful...both your words and vision.

  2. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your colorful vision of unity. I'll raise that banner with you!

  3. Dear Melissa

    A great thoughts... universal fiber.. I enjoyed it.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  4. I like the idea of God weaving us together into a single piece of cloth.

  5. That is actually beautiful! There is a unity in the variety!

  6. beautiful prayer ...of praise for God....bkm

  7. First of all I (sort of retweet)here what Robin (Pensieve) once tweeted - but she said it only applied to Ann. I decree that only YOU and Ann Voskamp get a pass and are allowed to have a musical background. Beautiful.

    And oh, if I could write poetry like yours:

    A remnant bride, your blood
    We fly by the breath of your Spirit
    Dance given to the song of love

    Melissa, this poem was like reading Ann Voskamp – except it rhymes.

    It was a holy experience.

    Thank you

  8. Oh those colors!

    And the layering, like your poem. :)

  9. We fly by the breath of your Spirit
    Dance given to the song of love

    melissa... i felt the spirit in this, deep. i wanted to stand and praise and wave my banner. thank you. for rallying his people. such beautiful prose.

  10. Beautiful, simply beautiful: all of it.

  11. Yes, BEAUTIFUL! Your writing from your heart is so filled with the Spirit...Keep it coming, sweet sister in Christ!

  12. This is so beautiful, Melissa. That photo is gorgeous. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, friend. May you feel the presence of the Lord ever near during your celebration.


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