Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Song of Friends

by Melissa Campbell

I woke this morning touching two different worlds,
each challenging me to embrace the real,
tension pulling unfeigned, unfurled
from one side to the other
like a double strand of pearls
or strings of paper lights twinkling
bright across junior high dance floor,
where wishful girls paint the wall in flowers,
and awkward boys huddle opposite
giving cold shoulder
to what they don't understand,
and where the ethereal and earthy
struggle to come together
for just one dance.

I hold on to the letting go
for as long as I can;
while light vanquishes shadows
and images of friends disappear,
I linger in heaven glow,
beholding what few choose to see
or know
this side of reality.

And with eyes wide open
I hug another day empty of them,
except for maybe the gift of a call
or treasured words in the mail, 
penned pretty in calligraphy.
I think of their smiles
and the smell of their perfume,
and I remember our time together
when we sang praises to the King,
and I ache with lonely sometimes
missing what used to be. 

I leave behind the land of dreams
and visions dancing, not only in my sleep,
the kicking up our heels and laughing,
falling on the floor in out-of-breath wonder at God,
and joy confetti sticking to our skin,
drenching deep to quench our soul-thirst,
and the listening
to the tinkling of angel wings
and strumming of guitar strings
being played by little children,
with no cares in this world
but loving Him
and each other.

Whether awake or asleep,
I reach out and touch their spirits
touching mine
--for we are one in God,
and I find us twirling
round and round
in childish delight,
me and these kindred ones,
our souls wrapped warm in holy embrace,
with love flowing, blessed and broken,
stretching from here to there
and back again,
fitting us together snug,
as we dance
to the song of friends.

I was dreaming of beloved friends when I woke this morning, and wrote this in honor of them.  --You hold a piece of my heart.  Be blessed. 

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Photo Credit: flickr - Kathryn Decker-Krauth


  1. This is just lovely Melissa. I imagined my own girlhood - those school dances and precious times with close friends. You made your dream come alive.

  2. OK, when I get up in the morning, my brain is foggy until I have too big & strong a cup of coffee. I admire people who can write so beautifully! Thank you for blessing me.

  3. So beautiful! Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments over at my place.

  4. There is so much beauty and truth and wisdom woven in your blog ... thanks for being here.

  5. Oh, so beautiful! I so enjoyed your writing and look forward to more.

  6. Thank you everyone for your grace-filled words. Blessings to you always.


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