Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty (Eve's Story)
by Melissa Campbell

temptation shuttles warp with weft
deceptive thoughts in weave like thread
'round heart-provoking taunts.
they probe, they prod
in voice sounds soft, seductive,
so like my breath, whispers
linger scent, sweetly aromatic,
tantalizing my imagination
until I am lost in queenly visions
pleasing to the soul.

i dream there,
where the stage is set and hot spotlight 
shoots rays violently, breaking the dark,
a blinding invitation to stardom.
i can't resist, can't wait to dress the part
in royal robe and iced cold crown,
bow before the crowd and
grasp raw fruit of adoration,
savoring that first bite,
as juice runs down my chin,
so decadent and delicious.
i languish in the light,
then remember
the question is always the same:
did God really say? 

yes, i can be queen.
who does he think I am?
I deserve to reason, 
choose my own destiny,
lead my own symphony,
argue my own philosophy,
concoct my own theology,
debate and determine
what is saintly good
and hellishly evil
all according to me.

ripe fruit drops hard to the ground
landing next to wormy rounds, spoiled,
spotted and bruised from the falling, 
lies there naked, bare,  
hiding in the shadows,
no longer fit to eat.
i, shaken scared, fall asleep
poisoned by the tree
of knowing.

helpless.  hopeless.  having no savior but One.
he reaches low to wormy soil
and rouses my sleeping soul with kiss,
sweet surge of forgiveness,
and lips that once reviled him,
now taste the blood of suffering.
he died my death and lived.
by faith i reach, hold grace,
become beauty,
embody purity,
bleed royalty, 
know as I am known,
his queen.

Photo Credit: flickr - Reza


  1. Your poem has a bold flair and I really enjoyed the way you wrote the poisonous effect of knowledge part.

  2. wow! what a beautiful poem. love the rhythm. Flows gently and clearly. simply...beautiful!

    thank you

  3. This poem is wonderful! Found you on one stop poetry! Very nice!

  4. I read this aloud -- and the sounds of the words shape what Eve is thinking, what she does, and then her understanding of the loss (and the hope). Beautiful poem, Melissa.

  5. Melissa, when I entered your blog I felt as though I had come into a sacred space. Thank you for being here. I lived in Scranton a couple of times. Love PA. Thanks for commenting on my poem.

  6. smiles. i feel your words...the loss the hope..queen indeed.

  7. I enjoyed the self dialogue..and the poem builds up very well, felt every word QUEEN..:)

  8. Beautiful I enjoyed this. The last verse is stunning!

  9. He died my death and lived... very nice flow and I enjoyed it...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  10. this is really well written and my fav stanza is that with the queen - choose my own destiny..lead my own symphony..this is powerful

  11. Very nice. I especially liked the stanza that began "I can be queen..." and ended with "...and all according to me." Ah, the hubris of the human heart.

  12. i echo everyones sentiments about the queen stanza...very good read...enjoyed this and thanks for sharing with one shot...pete

  13. Thank you for all your feedback! I appreciate your taking the time to visit here and share your own work. Blessings to all. :)

  14. Princess Melissa we serve a great master who breaks the spell and takes away the poison of that one bite.

    I write devos for children the picture you portray would be a magnificent story for children and adults alike

    you can always contact me at for input

    hugs and thanks for the beauty

  15. Beautiful poem - but it reminds me that I am very angry at EVE. But then I realize that Jesus came and made a way for me! Now I am happy again! (smile)

  16. Lots of emotion in those words. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Dear girl friend,
    what a cute piece you are sharing here.

    you speak of hard truth here,
    love the wit and talent in it.
    Thanks for linking with Jingle Poetry.
    love your poetry,
    love your supportive matter more.

  18. It was great to revisit this again... through the Poetry potluck...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  19. great word flow. felt sensual and languid. nice job!


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