Monday, November 29, 2010

How Do You Be, Little Bird?

I enjoy being hidden in the shadows, but there are moments when I lose focus and look past His face to see what "isn't."  Today was one of those days.  I knew I needed to change my perspective fast so I headed out the back door with no jacket or shoes, just wanting to breathe fresh air and God.

My husband had packed away the porch swing a few days earlier and in my heart I  complained.  I wanted to rant at him and let him share some of this pain.  But I thought better and plopped on the top step of the pool shed instead.  I lifted my face to the sun and let the breeze dry my tears.  It wasn't long before I felt the healing come.

As I soaked warm, I watched little Chick-a-dees flying overhead and landing in the trees, seemingly without a care in the world.  In my spirit I heard these words, "How do you be, Little Bird, there warming your feathers in the sun?"   

Not, "How do you do?" but, "How do you be?"

I answered aloud for the bird in the tree.  "I be just fine, thank you."  And smiled.

Then I realized God was talking to me, calling me His little bird.  He was looking at me.  Feeling my struggles.  Perching beside me on this warm November day, knowing I was hungry--so hungry--for His presence. 

My grandmother loved watching the birds gather and feast at the feeder outside her kitchen window.  She especially loved Cardinals.  Every time I see a Cardinal I think of her.  In the same way, my grandfather, when he saw my sisters and cousins and I coming to visit, would always say, "Here come the birds."  He likened our visits to the feathered friends who lit en mass in their backyard, assured there would be plenty of seed to eat.

Like the birds, we were always hungry for the food they shared.  We never once thought of lack.  All of my grandparents took great joy in giving, and feeding us from their bounty--it overflowed from the garden, their cupboards, and full hearts that loved.

I thought of this love that feeds.  Jesus said:

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?  ~ Matthew 6:26 (NIV)

 Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2010 by Biblica

He promises to feed us when we are hungry.  We don't need to work for His love, or worry He won't be there.  Our challenge is to see past our lack to His abundance, and posture our hearts for the feast.  How hard can that be?

How do you be little bird? 
Warming your feathers there in the sun.
Winter's coming and you don't seem scared.
What will you eat when the harvest is done?

Your seat could be any branch in any tree.
But there you sit looking at me,
unaware that your friends have all flown away.
Could it be you came with a message?
His bread on wings? His word a feast?

Like seed, He spreads His love extravagantly.

Today I am thankful for:

141.  little birds
142.  and love messages from God
143.  His love that feeds
144.  the sun, the wind, the trees--the beauty that surrounds us
145.  the most wonderful Thanksgiving meal ever
146.  all the people and touches of love that made it special
147.  Dad unable to pray because of tears
148.  Mom's pies and whipped cream salad
149.  Farmer Jones' turkey and the story of how it made it to our table
150.  the hands that raised and bought and stuffed and cooked it
151.  chocolate covered, caramel apples and messages tied with a string
152.  mothers and daughters and granddaughter working together and giving gifts
153.  our names written in little wire pumpkins and graven on His hands
154.  a husband/son who honors his aging parents
155.  another husband who cleans
156.  another husband who drives through the rain
157.  left-overs and the girls (birds) who love to eat them
158.  husband putting up wreaths and winter's first snow
159.  memories of other Thanksgiving gatherings and the abundance
160.  grandparents who gave love and passed on their gift to give

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Photo Credit: flickr - Charlie Cowins


  1. Finding your blog has been such a blessing. I worked in the ministry for most of my life, three years ago when mum died, I lost has been a very slow journey back. I believe God sent your words in this blog to my life at just the perfect moment.

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for joining the Monday celebration! :)

    My mom used to greet me in the morning by saying, "Good morning, Chick-a-dee." I loved that. It took care of me in a simple way. I like to say that to my own girls now. :)

  3. It can be that magical – the communion of God with a soul that seeks him – if I would only remember that more.

    And your poem – an unexpected wrinkle because of all the prose before it – perfect

    and the list – I just began mine – I’m about a hundred or so behind you.

    and my 24 and 25 today are just like this post – God has his messengers everywhere.

    my favorite? #151 messages tied with string – that sounds special

    God Bless and Keep

  4. beautiful post! great positive list! what a wonderful Monday!
    thank you

  5. This:

    "Could it be you came with a message?"

    And you? You've come with a message, too. And it resonates peace ...

    Thank you for letting me perch on this branch with you for a spell. How do I be??? Well, I'm better because of the time spent wing-to-wing, next to you, little bird.

  6. oh my. Breathtaking. Those quiet moments when Jesus whispers in our ears...such love.

  7. This is the language with which he speaks to me also, those still moments when I notice that he made the world. Suddenly everything I see speaks the message of grace and love so loudly that I must wonder that the world doesn't hear the rocks crying out his name. Thank you for the moment of escape.

  8. This really touched me from the moment you let the healing begin instead of ranting at your husband to the message of the birds to the poem and then the heartfelt list.
    I have found that when I'm grouchy, if I stop and am quiet, God will speak to me and soothe me, so the angry words never come.

    I also think birds can teach us so much. We (my freshmen college prep English classe) just finished To Kill a Mockingbird in which Harper Lee uses a simple songbird to teach a powerful lesson on inhumane treatment of others.

    Your poem is beautiful and I too liked the switch from prose to poetry.

    #'s 151 & 153 of your list has me intriqued. Your family times sounds so blessed.

    I'm truly thankful I stopped by. :)

  9. Yep... the birds. Always hits me, too. Actually, while reading it I thought of Susie [S.Etole]b/c she has such a heart for some of the same birds you mentioned and has taken so many lovely and fun photos of them.

    Birds are always a special aspect to me... except when they are messing my car. [Just think they should have more class than that.]

  10. the title is sizzling..
    elegant taste.


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  12. God speaks to us sometimes through our own mouth! I liked the way you recognized He was calling you with a sweet name and message.

  13. This is so sweet, Melissa! I love hearing of the precious ways our Lord speaks, touching our hearts with words that might seem like nonsense to anyone else. You've blessed me today!

  14. Lovely, Missy, Just lovely. You are my inspiration to go a little further with my writing and sharing.


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