Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Why is it that when I beg to see your face I find myself the most afraid, shivering cold and alone in achromatic black, unable to breathe, unable to think or speak your name because all around thick unknown overwhelms, and I feel icy the rivulet of sweat run slow down the middle of my back?
Why is it that before you appear dream-like, I drift off to rest by the side of the way, wait paralyzed in slumber, and only then You surge bold over dark mounds, rush my face with blinding shafts, and I realize I cannot see because my eyes are plastered shut by glory?
And why is it that when I wake, the glory fades distant into the heart of me, and the sky lends the same gray, and the sun no longer shines as bright as it used to?

Posting today for One Shot Wednesday.  Come join us?

Photo Credit:  flickr - orsorama


  1. your words always speak deep to my soul...amazing.

  2. Why...because the awe of our Creator is beyond any comprehension...your poem instills that feeling...thank you...bkm

  3. I liked how your photo took me in a different direction at first, then your words turned things around. Nice One Shot, Melissa!

  4. Too beautiful
    you present the glory of the Lord in such a tangible way - nothing compares does it?

    Thanks for your support of One Shot - hope you submit for the anthology

    Love from the Moon

  5. Melissa, I always appreciate your comments on my blog...and thank you for your words here. You have a gift!

  6. Tenderly touching deep within the soul, powerful words well expressed.

  7. It's a beautiful expression of how only the heart can see. Normal sight pales.

    I think...

    Poetry is hard :)

    Thank You Melissa

  8. ohhh....
    *clutches to heart*
    i love this.


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