Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Your Face - Part 7, Days of Light

On Day 7, another poem from the archives:
Your Face 
by Melissa Campbell 

A hungry gaze, a longing cry

My heart is desperate, thirsty, dry

Weary of chasing Your shadow, then wondering why

These moments with You won’t satisfy


How much longer must I wait

To behold your glory face to face?

Lonely tears—my heart is faint

What must I do to see your face?


I need to know You; I need to see

I need to trust your love for me

It's not enough that You're calling me

True friendship's born in intimacy


From Heaven's Holy River, Your living waters fall

Deep calls to deep; my spirit hears your call

"Who will go for Me?"  Your gaze ignites my soul

Love's cost can be so great; I pledge to give you all 


With flames of holy fire, You sear my heart with love

With a brand of glowing ember, my lips you gently touch

I feel your holy burning, but's not enough

To quench this need to know you more, the One I love so much 


LORD, show me your Glory; show me your face

I'm hungry and thirsty and needing your grace

You've called me to follow; I'm walking by faith

Ruined and desperate to see the Light of your face  


Today is Day 7 of 8 in the Days of Light series.  Please join me again tomorrow as I continue to light a candle in words to highlight the Coming of our Lord as celebrated by some in Advent and The Festival of Lights.

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 This poem is being offered for One Shot Wednesday.

Photo: Dynamic Sun, courtesy: flickr - NASA Goddard Photo and VideoUsed with permission.


  1. LORD, show me your Glory; show me your face
    I'm hungry and thirsty and needing your grace
    You've called me to follow; I'm walking by faith
    Ruined and desperate to see the Light of your face............I was crying out last night, I said almost these same words verbatum....your poems speak to my broken soul my friend, thank you so very much for poating and sharing...such blesings.

  2. beautiful...and one day we shall see it full on...

  3. Great poem! enduring and lingering on

  4. I love this gentle yet desperate poem of longing. I hear you sister. Some days I just want it to be now! Come Lord Jesus, come. Many thanks for the spot in your sidebar!

  5. "I can only Imagine", great imagery, and yes we would all like to see, but it's hard to see something that dwells within us! Lovely....

  6. Oh ... that all the world would hunger the way you do! Your hopeful, Advent heart is showing.

    Thank you for this.

    (And I apologize if this comes through twice!)

  7. Hello Beautiful sister, The picture suits what you have written perfectly. I hear where your at. Won't it be wonderful to see Him face to face.I have felt like this so often of late. I had to talk to myself about it the other day.
    It went something like this. "Listen He has work for you and will take you when thats finished, just appreciate what you have right here and now, this is His will for you."
    Much love Crystal Mary xx

  8. Melissa,
    It might just be me today. I’m feeling a lot. A lot not concerning me at all. Other people’s stuff.

    I get the longing in the words, the knowledge of the cost, the willingness to go anyway. Ruined and desperate to see the Light of His face. wow

    God Bless you and yours

  9. I so admire those who can write so beautifully! Thank you, Melissa.

  10. That last line cut me deep. I've walked this very road myself, and it can indeed leave one feeling ruined and desperate. Oh yes. Poignant read, Melissa.

  11. This is so powerful Melissa. I long to see His glory too.

  12. "ruined and desperate" ... the heart that will see

  13. a wonderful write and read....thanks for sharing pete

  14. Melissa, your words in this poem really bring so much out of the photo. Even the simple words of "Deep calls to deep" creates an image that our minds cannot comprehend. (Well, my mind anyway.) :)

    Thanks also for following my blog. I appreciate your time in visiting!


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