Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift of Light - Part 6, Days of Light

On Day 6, a poem written long ago:

Gift of Light
by Melissa Campbell

Into darkness God’s Light was given
Born in the land of the shadow of death
In a dirty cave, a sinful world
Jesus breathed his first breath

A gasp of hope, a cry of life
Sounded from the stable that night
When God bestowed his favor on men
And revealed His Gift of Light

A host of angels, the songs of heaven
Announced the wondrous birth
The very Word of God made flesh
Was spoken to the Earth

Lowly shepherds flocked to see
The Father’s gift, His own
A baby lain in manger cradle
A Prince upon his throne

Son of God and Son of Man
The first of many brothers
Was born to live and born to die
A child like no other

Who would have thought a little child
The Light who dawned by Way of the Sea
Would save the world from impending doom
Was God clothed in humanity

Salvation’s Plan at last unfolded
God’s Atonement for the world
Anointed for our sacrifice
His death was long foretold

Lamb of God, Prince of Peace
Humble, Servant King
Your body broken, bread for all
Your blood, our offering

Perfect Love in human form
Lifted high for eyes to see
You came to heal a hurting world
To set the captives free

Darkness shattered by the Light
The Morning Son appears
When Jesus, Breath of life and love
Breathes his Presence near

Kiss the Son, you children of the Light!
The King of Glory laughs!
The Father’s plan, so upside down
Has saved us from His wrath

The Gift of Heaven, our holy King
Now rules from David’s throne
Awaiting the day of promise
His bride becomes his own

Longing hearts will soon be sated
God’s joy the Earth will know
When two streams as one river
Both Jew and Gentile flow

Then God and man will celebrate
The wedding of the Son
For out of darkness, sin and death
The bride, in triumph, comes

With eyes of love, the veils now lifted
Over darkness, Truth has won
The Gift of Light no longer shaded
The bride reflects the Son

Death’s shadows cannot hide You
Come again to your land of birth
On clouds of Light and Glory
We’ll ride across the Earth

Then nighttime gone forever
Every tribe and tongue will see
Love crowned in radiant beauty
Truth robed in majesty

God’s Gift of Light, victorious
If now we will receive
Will shine in us forever
Not just on Christmas eve

Today is Day 6 in the Days of Light series.  Please join me for the next 2 days as I continue to light a candle in words to highlight the Coming of our Lord as celebrated by some in Advent and The Festival of Lights.

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Photo Credit:  flickr - A. Kuzminski


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