Wednesday, October 6, 2010


by Melissa Campbell
Buttons draw close,
And fasten firm together,
Giving room to breathe,
Two sides meant to be connected,
Though living worlds apart.

Buttons cover up indecent exposure,
And bridge the naked gaps,
Sometimes mending old riffs,
Sometimes needing to be reattached,
Always finding friends of like mind and heart.
Buttons lead us to discover
Journeys we never dreamed of,
Rare treasures found in the most hidden places,
Pearls formed with great price,
Kindred seeker--seers, popping color in poetic art.
Some buttons are plain and simple,
Others glossy, glamorous, gaudy even,
All unique in size and shape,
All inviting us to reach out and touch,
To become one,
Drinking in as we impart.
Linked to One Shot Poetry
I took some time today to create a button for my blog-site.   I am not a pro, and I am embracing the fact that perfection is achieved only when I am gone.  So after a couple of hours, this is it!  If you would like to add my button to your blog, you will find the code at the bottom of this page. 

Photo Credit: flickr - Lainey's Repertoire


  1. smiles. like the turn from clothing buttons to otherwise...i really like th stanza about buttons leading us to is set up nicely by the one before it...nice one shot!

  2. Love buttons! Really, I love them. Beautiful words :)

  3. I love your button :) I think it's beautiful. I have often wondered how one does such a thing. Buttons take me back to my childhood. My mother had a jar that she kept stray buttons in. Whenever we lost one, she pour the jar out in her hand, or on the couch and select one that matched the closest. I remember the sound, the colors, how good it felt to run my fingers through them.

    Lovely poem.

  4. I like the blend of buttons and life. Very nice.

  5. My grandmother had a button jar too.
    Sheer joy
    running color and shape
    smooth and bumpy
    large and small
    through small fingers
    mesmerized by all
    even the memory
    of her with silver hair
    and marked Bible.

  6. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and button memories. I loved to play with the buttons my mom saved when I was small--and make crafts with them when I got older. It is funny that I don't keep one myself. :)

    @Cheryl: love your prose!

  7. Simple, beautiful-minded take on our clothes-closers. This is one of the things that poetry is s'posed to do - make readers think about everyday items in a different way, and you've done that, excellent!

  8. Thanks for your encouraging words, Steve. :)


I welcome and appreciate your kind words and comments.