Friday, October 29, 2010

Puzzle Pieces

Can we see ourselves, and others too, like God does, little life seeds, micro-bursts of light and beauty, unique from each other, and capable of becoming the spitting image of our Father?

Can we rid our brains of the lies we have learned and leaned on--that some are worthless, hopeless, ugly, not needed--and instead, embrace the truth how God created all of us intentionally with purpose and love?

Can we know who we are, His poema, works of art?

Can we learn to focus not on our imperfections according to the world's standards and media brain-wash?  Can we stop measuring how pretty-plain, fat-skinny, freckled-fair, quiet-loud, shy-proud, broken-manicured, glamor-geek we are, and look instead for the signature of a Creator who loves diversity and making strong the weak?  (Look at nature!)

Can we train our eyes to see not the less, but the more?

Not the lack, but the potential?

Not the failure, but the trying?

Can we look past our reflection and let eyes feast on first the heap, then the one who faces us, oodles of colored pieces, cut round and sharp and chunky, all crafted uniquely with the eye of a Master, and having a place to fit perfectly in His brilliant puzzle?

Can we reach past our insecurity a hand to help each other land there?
Father, give us eyes to see as you do, to look down deep where your DNA resides and find--uniquely beautiful and important, necessary for completing the picture--a family worthy of your love, that your glory (goodness) may cover the earth like the waters cover the seas.  Thank you for all the Precious Pieces that fit together in our lives, and for sending such a One to lead us.  Amen.
I was inspired to write this after talking with my mom this morning, and meeting new friends last night, all beautiful women and carriers of The Christ.  

My hope is that you all find your place today, and have a lovely weekend. 

Blessings here,

Photo Credit:  flickr - Mykl Roventine


  1. 'Father...give us eyes to see as you do' beautiful! Thank you!

    Blessings to you my friend

  2. "Can we train our eyes to see not the less, but the more?"

    Thank you for this.


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