Saturday, October 23, 2010

True Colors

Autumn surrounds us with a song,
Wears true colors proud,
Boldly bares the heart of her Creator,
In blaze of glory and fiery soul. 

She lingers for but a moment,
Never giving us a chance to own her,
Just delight in her company.

So drink deep,
Feast your eyes on priceless beauty,
and breathe.

And don't be afraid to let your colors show.
 Today, and everyday!

Have a glorious weekend, everyone!

Photo Courtesy of:  Flickr - Liz West


  1. Hello again Melissa,
    This transparent leaf is something real to feast the eyes upon...
    I must apologies for writing the Ozzie watchman's man incorrectly in your previous writing. His man is Dan Ritchie.
    What happened was I read the story and wrote a comment. When I clicked to send, I lost it...lost everything in fact. I got back on line a while later and had my son and grandson Zai here so had to be quick. Thats where I messed that wonderful mans man up.
    I have just come back in to re-read the story. I am saving the site to study everything on it tomorrow. Its late now and I muct retire. God Bless the lovely Body of Christ. Hugs CML

  2. Mmmmm. Just a place to rest my eyes. Thank you for the gorgous autumnal shot and the soothing words.

    And for your lovely comment on my guest post over at Emily's place. Nice to meet you here.

  3. Your visits and comments are all so welcome and appreciated! Give and it shall be given unto you, pressed down, shaken together, running out all over... :)


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