Friday, October 8, 2010


Could we with ink the oceans fill,
And were the skies of parchment made,
Were every stalk on earth a quill,
And every man a scribe by trade,

To write the love of God above,
Would drain the oceans dry,
Nor could the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky.

I came across these beautiful words hiding in parables, ancient and inspired, handed down from the Author of all things holy...just waiting for a seeker to find and delight in their ability to paint Majesty.

The God-lover in me wants to sit with the one first graced, listen to his story over a cup of tea, discover what glorious glimpse of God moved him to take quill in hand, and ask, "What do you know of love?"

Isn't that what our earthly sojourn is all about?  To discover and return to Love? To learn to be Love?  To yada (know) and love the One who first loved us?  To know and love Love in ourselves and everyone around us?

There is a story of a man who ran from who he thought he was and discovered true identity.  God called him to set his people free.  When Moses encountered the fire in the burning bush, he removed his shoes, and turned to find himself caught up in a passionate pursuit of knowing The One who is, and was and always will be, an All Consuming Fire..Love, Himself.

Moses hungered for more than miracles, signs and wonders.  He was desperate to know the one who called his name. Moses talked face to face with God, yet still he cried out for intimacy.   His desire to know Love, to see him face to face in all His goodness, made all other pursuits for wealth and greatness pale in comparison.

God hid Moses in a cloud and joined him there, standing--feet on the ground, passing before him like the sky in all its glory, calling out His name, Yahweh! The Existing One! Undone, Moses fell face-down when he saw and heard the unspeakable, two words which stretch all human thought and understanding, words which cannot be apprehended with reason. I Am.

The Creator had  to translate:

Listen, You who long to know Me, this is who I am! 

I love passionately--deeply--a thousand generations.  I will  always bend low to help you up, to teach you to  follow, hand in hand, to have the eyes and heart of a child.  

I wait patiently, with wings outstretched beyond the impossible--for as long as it takes for you to come to know Me.    All heaven twirls and sings when you do!

I  overflow with kindness, lavishing you with favor, grace and goodness, all the days of your earthly walk, and into the forever.

I am faithful, dependable, unwavering in my desire and ability to Father you, Mother you,  raise you as my own--healthy, whole, nourished, satisfied, loved.

There are consequences to your not trusting, not believing.  But I will wipe away the darkness that wars within your soul against all that is Me...all that is You.  Just turn and see who you were created to be.  I will bring you home.

The sky is boldly beautiful today.  Every earth-thing shines with the brilliance of the Creator.  I lift my face and feel the warm sun-rays soaking into my skin.  Inside I look at Him--the One who call Himself Love.  I am surrounded, filled to my depths, and grounded in His Presence.  He whispers:

Love is who I have made you to be.

"Could we with ink..." is from the poem, Haddamut, written by Meir Ben Isaac Nehorai, a Cantor in Worms, Germany, 1050; and incorporated as the 3rd stanza in the hymn, The Love of God, by Frederick M. Lehman, 1917.

Photos:  Ocean Isle Beach
Poem Source:  CyberHymnal

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